For three generations the Hooker Family has fostered a culture of giving back to the community and furthering the development and prosperity of Australia. Today, Ana and Janusz Hooker drive the family’s social impact activities through the Hooker Family Foundation, a DGR-1 non-profit organisation dedicated to empowering disadvantaged children in Australia with education. HFF works with schools, community leaders, and our partners, to deliver quality educational incentive programs for students in Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory.

Ana and Janusz were honoured by the Aṉaŋu of Central Australia by being married in an Inma ceremony by Harry ‘Uluru’ Wilson at the sacred Mutitjulu Waterhole at Uluru (Ayers Rock). At the time they became aware that many of the Aṉaŋu kids, Aussie kids, had never seen the ocean, they created the Kids to Coast educational exchange program to rectify this unbelievable situation. This flagship program which offers Aboriginal schools and communities a vehicle to encourage their young people to stay in school, enjoy learning and achieve good academic results.

Following several years of success with the Kids to Coast Program, in 2013 they completed the circle bringing students from Sydney’s SCECGS Redlands School to Uluru with the Mutitjulu Community as hosts, giving rise to the Culture College program. The project was aired at the Global Citizens Festival in New York City.


Culture College is a social enterprise that organises school tours to Arnhem Land to inspire and educate secondary school students about Yolnu culture and their environment. Students will have the opportunity to learn and interact with elders and children in the Community and with our Cultural Exchange Program, learn from the Dhimurru and Yirralka Rangers about the environment and conservation techniques and take part in art classes at the Buku-Larrnggay Mulka Art Centre. Arnhem land is one of the most culturally intact and pristine regions left on earth and home to the Yolnu people and their lands of which they have been the traditional owners for over 50,000 years. Culture College is partnered with the local traditional owners to provide exceptional tours to schools to realise our aim of creating a new economy for Yolnu (Yolngu) people in Arnhem Land through educational tourism. Programs are tailor-made for each school’s requirements and the personal development needs of your students.


The vision driving Culture College is for Australia to be united, culturally enhanced and stronger. A country led by a new generation of Australians who are global citizens: well educated, culturally dynamic and environmentally sensitive.


To develop lifetime cross-cultural relationships for Australia’s youth – unite and empower the next generation of Australia’s leaders today through educational exchange programs to ensure a stronger more dynamic Australia tomorrow:

Educate students from urban areas with knowledge of and respect for the oldest living culture on Earth, Australia’s Aboriginal cultures, and getting them in touch with the great Australian outdoors. Distributing profits to provide assistance to Indigenous students in need of public benevolent assistance. Bring sustainable economic activities to the Aboriginal Homelands; making these traditional lands more attractive for Yolngu to return to their country, critical lands for the preservation of their culture. Strengthen the broader Arnhem Land economy through job creation and also increasing the tourism profile of East Arnhem exposing the region’s attributes to some of the nation’s current leaders: the students’ parents. Improve the utilisation of north east Arnhem Land’s assets by repurposing existing facilities and giving them a new lease on life.

‘This is the real Australia where learning is forever, to engage with young Australians the future is bright”

-Mungul Lacey

Governance, Management and Key Personnel
  • CEO



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