Culture College understands and acknowledges you have entrusted us with that which is most valuable to you – your child. We want to let you know how seriously we take that responsibility and how excited we are about the opportunity to immerse them in the culture of the first Australians in East Arnhem Land. We draw from extensive resources and have spent countless hours planning our trips to make them as exciting and enriching as possible.

Culture College also understands and acknowledges that we are working to promote and foster the Mission, Value and Identity of each of the Schools that we work with. We appreciate your School's decision on taking a group of students to East Arnhem Land to immerse them in the culture of the First Australians from this area. Our facilities and connections in the region will make sure that your School's reputation as a leading school within Australia will be strengthened through this experience and your child has a once in a lifetime enlightening experience.


  • L. Janusz Hooker

    We were inspired and searched the country for a suitable location to establish a permanent 'Kids to Culture' campus and a social enterprise to sponsor Aboriginal youth education programs sustainably over the long term.

    Hooker Family Foundation, The Scots College and Redlands alumnus

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